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I'm not riding anymore - sold Ol' Huck and concentrating on other stuff in my old age...
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MAY 1-5, 2014 APPALACHIAN TRAIL MAGIC A weekend camping in SW Virginia at Grindstone campground, and setting up at the Appalachian Trail as it crosses Hwy 603 after Grayson Highlands. We set spreading some 'Trail Magic'. Google it if you're not familiar with the term.
FEBRUARY 13, 2014 SNOW HIKE TO BOBBITS HOLE The day before Valentine's Day is a Snow Day for much of North Carolina - They closed the Eno River State Park, so - naturally - I sneak in and grab a few pictures...
FEBRUARY 7, 2014 CABE MILL WATERWORKS There's an old abandoned Millsite, called Cabe's Mill off Howe Street in western Durham in the Eno River State Park. I went to try to figure out how the water works for the mill operated...
FEBRUARY 2, 2014 FISH DAM ROAD GROUP HIKE I Tag along on an organized group hike led by the Eno River Association's Joe Liles to the Fish Dam Road, a major colonial road first documented by Dutch explorers here in Durham in the late 1600's.
JANUARY 25, 2014 NEW HOPE CREEK WINTER HIKE Another below-freezing hike on a creek - this one a bit south of where I usually hike, on the New Hope Creek.
JANUARY 8, 2014 ICE ON THE ENO Been busy on ther projects so it's been a while, but this morning went for a hike in the below-freezing temps to find some neat shit on the river. Not disappointed!
- 2013 -
NOVEMBER 2, 2013 ANNUAL BRUNSWICK STEW Our third annual Brunswick Stew Party.
OCTOBER, 2013 MOM's 90th BIRTHDAY PARTY A weekend trip to Florida for my mothers 90th, and visits with friends and family.
SEPTEMBER, 2013 A CLARK HAMMOCK GOES TO GROUND Not really a hike, but a photo essay on how to convert a Hammock Tent for on-ground use. Not all hiking trips bring us to locations where we find suitable trees for hanging our hammocks. This shows the modifications I made to mine to use as a Bivy Tent.
AUGUST 15-26, 2013 GRAND TETON BACKPACKING TRIP After the success of the 2012 Yellowstone Hike, we headed out to Grand Teton for some touristing, day hikes, and a 4-day backpacking trip behind the Grand Teton Mountain.
July 11, 2013 DURHAM'S OLD PUMP STATION HIKE It's a rainy day - best time to go hiking along the Eno River.
June 27, 2013 HANGING ROCK CAR CAMP, Part 2 We return to Hanging Rock for some car camping and hiking with Kim, Dra, Amy and Will.
June 7, 2013 AT HIKE in VIRGINIA'S LEWIS FORK WILDERNESS Will and Dara go on a pre-Tetons hike with me along the Appalachian Trail near Mount Rogers..
Apr 25, 2013 BROOKGREEN SCULPTURE GARDENS Wandering through the 9000 acre Gardens near Murrell's Inlet, SC.
Mar 29-Apr 6, 2013 SAILING THE BRITISH VIRGIN ISLANDS Last Minute invite from an old friend to join a group sailing the british Virgin Islands on a 52' Sailboat - hell yeah!
March 15, 2013 Hanging Rock Hike Will and Dara - long friends and hiking buddies - join me at Hanging Rock State Park for a couple nights car camping.
Mar 14-26, 2013 COSTA RICA GIRLS TRIP Kim goes on a Girls trip to Costa Rica for horseback riding and laying on the beach.
February 24, 2013 Holden Cabins in February With a visit from old hiking buddy (since the late 80's) Blaine, me and Will take a stroll along the ENo to the Holden Cabins.
February 8-10, 2013 Falls Lake Campout/Hike A very cold 2 night campout at the Lake, along with a 6.6 mile hike along the Mountains-to-Sea Trail along the lakeshore.
January 27, 2013 Battle Park Hike Will and I do the Battle Park in Chapel Hill and visit Gimghoul Castle
January 21, 2013 Duke Stoned Will, Ben and I go wandering off trail north of Kings Highway Park in Hillsboro, NC and stumble onto something pretty cool...
January 12, 2013 Secret Location Bushwhack Kim and I and Will take a bushwhack hike in some lands just over the border from the Eno River State Park. Meaning it is private land, and I maybe shouldn't admit where it is.
- 2012 -
December 30, 2012 My final Bushwhack Hike of the year - Upper Eno River I take in an old abandoned farm property on the upper reaches of the Eno River. Cabins, barns, damsites and beavers.
December 20, 2012 Southern Power Plant Bushwhack A short hike to an old abandoned Power Plant, decommissioned in the late 50's - belonging to Southern Power, and then to Duke Power. All of it bushwhacking off-trail.
October 27, 2012 SECOND ANNUAL BRUNSWICK STEW October is our traditional Brunswick Stew party in the back yard. Combine all the ingredients in a 30 gallon cauldron, add fire, some friends and enjoy the evening.
October 16-18, 2012 VIRGINIA BATTLEFIELDS RIDE '12 Canden and I go off on an occasional Daddy/Daughter ride to explore some of the Civil War Battlefields. This year we concentrate on the Petersburg, Richmond and Fredericksburg area.
October 10,2012 HOLDEN'S MILL HIKE #1 A local hiking buddy, Ben, and I go do some bushwhacking to some old cabins we found last year, well off the estanlished trails, and with an interesting historical tie.
October 6,2012 STONE MOUNTAIN HIKE Kim and I and a bunch of her working buddies go on a day-hike to Stone Mountain, NC for a 6 mile hike.
August 10,2012 YELLOWSTONE HIKE '12 I take 7 other people out to Yellowstone National Park for a 40 mile 6 day backpacking trip. I'm afraid with over 400 pictures in this slide show, I am gonna have to come back at a later date and narrate it for you - in the meantime, if you want a picture by picture description - find me on Facebook (Jay Schwantes) and find my albums for 2012 - there are 9 daily albums containing these pictures.
July 17, 2012 HIKING THE APPALACHIAN TRAIL IN VA Four of the hikers going on the Yellowstone Hike take a warm-up hike on the AT in Mount Rogers Recreation Area in Virginia.
June 23-30, 2012 7 NIGHT EASTERN CARIBBEAN CRUISE Kim and I, the kids and one of their friends, and my Sister-in-Law take a 7 Night cruise to the Eastern Caribbean; Bahamas, Grand Turk, Puerto Rico and Virgin Islands.
April 22, 2012 UNIVERSAL STUDIOS Kim and I take a quick trip to Orlando to burn off a free weekend stay at a Condo Resort.
April 06, 2012 4 DAY HIKE COMPILATION A compilation of 4 days of short hikes on the Eno River.
MARCH 24, 2012 GRAND ENO HIKE A shortened version of the GRAND ENO RIVER TRAIL - started out as a good hike, made it past bedtime, but the skies opened and rained all night, all the next morning, and threatened Tornados until 11pm the second night. We opted out after about 8 miles in a respite from the rain mid-afternoon. To be repeated this summer sometime...
March 8, 2012 WASHINGTON BY MOONLIGHT This is a Photographic essay on our Nation's Capital and the Monuments as they appear after midnight - without tourists.
This is also available as a hardcover book from my BLURB publisher:
FEBRUARY 18, 2012 COLE CABINS HIKE Kim and I take a short hike on the Buckquarter Creek and a part of the Ridge Trail to see the Historic Cole Cabins - 3 miles
JANUARY 25, 2012 LITTLE RIVER REGIONAL HIKE This is a small park north of Durham, NC open to
hiking and mountain biking, on the Little River,
part of the Eno River Basin - 5 miles
JANUARY 21, 2012 TRIPLE TRAIL IN THE RAIN Triple Trail in the Rain. We take in the final 3 trails that Will hadn't done yet on the Eno River ... in the rain.
JANUARY 08, 2012 OTHER SIDE OF OCCONEECHEE MTN. Being the Occoneechee Mountain Trail is a Loop Trail around it, you'd think there IS NO other side - you'd be wrong. Follow our bushwhack off-trail, all inside the park.
JANUARY 06, 2012 DUMONT TRAIL BUSHWHACK Will and I head out to confirm some theory's about bushwhacking the social trails west of Cox Mountain and Holden's Mill.
- 2011 -
DECEMBER 30, 2011 COX MTN. to PLEASANT GREEN RD. BUSHWHACK In research for our GRAND ENO TRAIL hike next spring, Will and I investigate a needed bushwhack between the two State Park Sections along a Powerline cut.
DECEMBER 24, 2011 SENNETT'S HOLE TRAIL Kim and I take a short hike on the Buffalo, South River and Sennett's Hole Trails. This Journal is primarily about the Sennett's Hole Trail.
DECEMBER 21, 2011 RAINY DAY HIKE What better time to go out and see the rivers and creeks than during a long day's rainstorm? Watch a video version of this hike, too.
Volunteers take part in a Stewardship Workday planting trees and shrubs in a lowlying area on the bank of the East Fork of the Eno River, northwest of Hillsborough, NC.
DECEMBER 18, 2011 POWER STATION TO COLE MILL RD HIKE A 4.5 mile hike starting from the Southern Energy Company (Duke Power) abandoned Power Station near Pleasant Green Road, east to Cole Mill Road, following the Mountains-to-Sea Trails, Quarry Trail, Cabe Land Trail, Laurel Bluffs Trail.
NOVEMBER 18, 2011 LAUREL RIDGE TRAIL ON THE ENO A long-awaited hike with my buddy Will, who I've known for over 30 years now, where we planned to walk the MST and assorted trails from Cabe Lands to Roxboro Road - about 10 miles. Watch a video version of this hike, too!).
OCTOBER 12, 2011 RAINY DAY TRAILS ON THE ENO What started on the Cabe Lands and Quarry Trail, ended up on the Buffalo and South River Trails in West Point - I was having too much fun in the rain to quit!
October 23, 2011 BRUNSWICK STEW '11 Our first annual Brunswick Stew in our backyard. After years of going to friends up in Virginia for the traditional october Stew party - we try our hand at doing one ourselves.
September 21, 2011 ATLANTIS TRIP - BAHAMAS '11 We're joined by good friends back home on a week-long trip to the Atlantis Resort in the Bahamas. Hey - somebody's gotta do it.
June, 2011 GREAT LAKES RIDE '11 Me, Cuz and Yank - and the girls - do a ride up around the Great Lakes, and down the Mississippi River Great River Road. Half way through I spread the ashes of my father and brother in the Fox River in Wisconsin on both my brother's birthday and on Fathers Day combined. Looks to be about 4000 miles after all the side trips are taken into account. Just a hair over 2 weeks - and the girls are all riding the whole way!
May 6-8, 2011 ELK RIVER FALLS 2011 A short weekend ride to the Blue Ridge Parkway and Elk River Falls - staying in the ever popular KOA Kabins again, this time with a couple new friends... OK so they're old friends, but first time on one of my rides.
April 18, 2011 MEMORIAL SERVICE IN DC - 2011 Each year the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund holds a memorial service for servicemenbers who dies the previous year due to complication incurred by the Vietnam War. My brother, Jim, died last year due to Agent Orange induced Multiple Myeloma, and was part of the proceedings. My Daughter and I attend it in DC.
- 2010 -
Sept 26, 2010 FOOT LUCY WINE STOMP Kim and I pick, stem, stomp and drink our own batch of wine.
Sept 3-6, 2010 LABOR DAY 2010 Kim and I go to the beach with three other couples, long time friends, and do NOTHIN' for 3 days.
August 10-13, 2010 REST IN PEACE
When we got back from our Family trip to Greece, my brother Jim, who fought in Vietnam as a U.S. Marine, began losing his fight with Agent-Orange-induced Cancer. Jim passed away August 1st, and I am making a run up to the Vietnam Wall with some of his ashes, then doing a short ride through the WV mountains with Yank to clear my head.
Semper Fi, Bro.
May 19 - June 3,
Our 2010 Family Trip to Greece. This being the main reason why I didn't take a big bike trip this year, I thought I would add it here in Muthuh's Rides. Two weeks surrounded by demonstrations on the streets, public strikes and cancellations - still a great trip with the family.
- 2009 -
October 16-18, 2009 ME & GEORGE As an alternative to what would have been a snowy and cold Fall Colors Ride to WV, we instead head south and visit an old Plantation House in SC. I leave with a couple acorns from a several hundred year old Live Oak that George Washington saved while President of the U.S.
Sept 5-8, 2009 AMERICAN HISTORY Kim and I take a long Labor Day Weekend ride in the Convertible up to Jamestown, VA to see the earliest American Settlement in the New World to take root and grow into what is now the United States. Forget what the lying Yankees claim up in Plymouth Rock - it started here in Virginia. Also Yorktown's final battle of the Revolutionary War, and Jefferson's Monticello.
June 9 - Jul 2, 2009 CANYONLANDS '09 My big trip of 2009 will be a three week ride to the American Southwest, and a tour of some of the U.S's most scenic canyons, like Zion, Bryce, Grand, and many other popular places along the way. Planned to be a nearly all non-Interstate ride that starts/ends in Alburquerque, NM, with before and after being primarily highway just to get there fast.
MUTHUH'S DAY SURPRISE This Mother's Day, me and the kids have a big surprise - something we've cooked up since January, and I can't believe we pulled it off! Starts off in Nassau, The Bahamas, and gets better....
- 2008 -
AMSTERDAM '08 A trip to The Netherlands to visit both kids, both studying abroad. One outside of Amsterdam, and one in London. We all met in Leiden, soth of Amsterdam for a couple days, and then for another day in Amsterdam. After they left, me and Kim spend one more day in Amsterdam alone. This is our third big vacation of the year, which is why there were no big motorcycle trips to speak of this year.
YELLOWSTONE '08 I'm returning to one of my favorite places in the world, Yellowstone National Park, specifically the southwest corner in the Bechler Gorge. This 4-day backpacking trip with my old friends Capt'n Blaine and JoLee as well as my wife and kids, will follow a trek I've taken many times before to the Three Rivers Thermal Pots - a natural Hot Springs area deep in the backcountry of Yellowstone... and right at the peak of the annual Perseids Meteor Shower! Will include some touring by car in the Grand Tetons as well.
MISTY IN CHINCOTEAGUE With my riding buds heading up to Maine on their annual big ride - we tag along for their first night only, stopping off on the DelMarVa peninsula before we head home. As we leave Chincoteague - we ride in a misty rain for hours as we wind our way home.
NEW ZEALAND '08 While the trip type is shown as a car trip, the first week of this trip was hiking the Milford Track on the South Island, the remaining two + weeks was a car trip around one of the most beautiful countries in the world. This was our 30th Anniversary trip. Prior to the actual trip, this journal is open as a Blog journal for pre-trip preparations. You don't wanna miss this one!
- 2007 -
December 22~23, 2007 WINTER CAMPOUT '07 We originally started calling this the "Cold as hell torture ride" but the weather wasn't all that and TJ and Dog do an overnight campout in the rain at Morrow Mountain State Park in NC.
FALL COLORS '07 It's becoming an annual tradition - the mountains in October for the fall colors. This year I'm heading to Southwest Virginia to the Parkway, and the Floyd, VA area for their weekly Mountain Music streetcorner jams, and some wandering through the falling leaves on Virginia's backroads. I've invited some old riding buddies along, Cuz, TJ, Dog and Yank from the Sturgis ride last year, and a couple new friends.
October 13, 2007 Rockingham Drags All Harley Drags Finals - An overnighter camping trip to Rockingham to watch a client run in the Top Fuel Harley Drag finals. Includes a 2 min video of one of the top fuel drags bikes.
August 6-16, 2007 Key West Family Reunion Ride - OK... so I claimed to have retired from riding - but a family reunion in Key West is just the thing to get me to dust off the boots for another trip... this one with an old friend Capt'n Blaine.
April 11~16, 2007 Ireland Ancestral Home visit...actually, it's just an excuse for an Irish Pub crawl in the muthuh country. Presented in five daily slide shows of the visit - this is definately a country to be visited by motorcycle if the weather is good!
- 2006 -
September 10 Battle at Zachary Hill Civil War Re-enactment - I see no reason why I don't just keep up my ride journal, even though I'm on 4-wheels now - here's my first post-farewell ride to a Battle Re-enactment in Alamance County, NC
August 1-20 Sturgis '06 5800 mile Farewell Ride - Looks like this one will be my last. We rode to South Dakota for a few days at the Buffalo Chip, then started a 10 day tour of Montana and mostly Wyoming - Bighorns, Beartooths, Yellowstone, Tetons, Jackson and the Wind Rivers. Then we rode back home slowly...
July 23-29 Family Reunion Rocky Mountain National Park - Kim's family holds their first family reunion out west - new journal format works more like a slideshow with captions for each picture. Lemme know if you like this format better.
July 14-16 Doin' the Charleston Hogs for Dogs revisited - Kim and I go to Charleston, SC in the ragtop to visit old friends, Blaine and Janet, Max and Bailey, and do some sailing off Charleston Harbor.
May 4-7 OBX'06 This one is looking like a pre-Sturgis ride, with most of the people going on that trip, signed up for this one, too. 11 Riders on 4 days in the Outer Banks of North Carolina.
April 4 Test Ride In preparation for the upcoming 20-day ride to Wyoming and Sturgis, I take an overnight test camp to see if the gear is sufficient, and loads doable.
January Passing the Torch An article published in Thunder Press Magazine about an older rider making the ultimate biker choice.
- 2005 -
October 20~23 Fall Colors '05 A Biketoberfest Alternative - I've never been to Biketoberfest - may never go... the North Carolina Mountains during Fall Colors isn't to be missed. A long weekend to the mountains and a visit to the Iron Horse Motorcycle Lodge in Stecoah, NC
July 29~31 Summer Rage My Annual trek to Rider's Roost - this time for the "Summer Rage" Full-Moon party - Ought to check out the last few years of Rider's Roost parties for an idea what goes on at these parties... this year I did the mid-summer party (There's 3 parties each year)
June 6~19 Laconia (very big file) Civil War Battlefields, and Laconia, NH Rally - I combined two trips into one this time - a 5 day ride with my daughter to revisit the Civil War Battlefields, dropping her off in PA and picking up Kim in CT for the remainder of the 2 week trip to Laconia. This is a very big page with MANY pictures, animations and Panaramas - BE PATIENT!
May 11, 2005 Quick Lift Not a real Ride Journal, like you're used to, but a tip for your garage... an easy way to make your own ride-on lift, operated by one person from the seat of your a tip for wayward antenna's.
Week of March 5~11 rIdes of March Julius Ceasar once warned us of the Ides of March - For years now, my rIdes to Florida for Daytona has been marked by some of the worst weather of all my rides, so heed the warning and "Beware the rIdes of March!" This one was no exception. Cold and wet marked another Daytona trip.
- 2004 -
December 4 Homecoming Ride The Hogs for Dogs team returns to Raleigh for a BBQ Party - After 25,000 miles, 7 months and 48 states, Hogs For Dogs crossed the Finish line to a huge party at Ray Price Harley-Davidson. For pictures, check out
Smokey Colors '04 A long weekend in the Great Smokey's during the Fall Colors. One night in Chimney Rock and two nights at the new Iron Horse Motorcycle Lodge near Deal's Gap. Includes the Cherahala Parkway, Foothills Parkway, Blue Ridge Parkway, Great Smokey's, Nantahala Gorge and Lake Lure.
California Dreamin' As a Board Member in the U.S. Hogs for Dogs organization, I flew out to San Francisco and hopped on a (ugh!) rental bike for the Bay area festivities. Some good, some not so good.
Liquid Steel Concord, NC Bike Rally
Plus coverage of the Discovery Channel's Biker Build-Off and 8 Laps around Charlotte Motor Speedway. Going down to near Charlotte, NC to cover the Liquid Steel Bike Show for Thunder Press. Part of the coverage includes a morning school at SpeedTech to prepare me for 8 laps around Lowe's Motor Speedway in a 600+ hp NASCAR racecar, then over to Cabarrus Areana for the weekend show. I'm bringin' a change of underwear this trip!
Includes access to a 28MB streaming video clip of my 8 laps around the speedway from inside the car. I'll warn ya - I wasn't real impressed with the Liquid Steel Event.
Jinx Ride Friday the 13th Parkway Ride - Mid-August in North Carolina can be brutal, so we're riding to the mountains to chill, day-tripping from the Hillbilly Hilton right on the Parkway. Even TWO hurricanes couldn't dampen our spirits...although there were plenty of 'spirits' on this trip.
Adirondack Mountains This year's two-up ride will bring us to the Adirondack Mountains of New York. A bit of a wash-out, but some spectacular days.
Rider's Roost Spring Fling Join us for Uncle Roy's Annual Spring Fling bash in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Parkway. Friday Night stand-up comedy and Saturday night band blow-out.
May 30 -
June 2
On the Rebound Escorting the Hogs For Dogs crew as they rebound from the mid-west on their 48 state adventure.
May 14-15

Myrtle Beach I know, I know... I keep saying I hate rallies, and I keep goin' to them... let's see if we can stir up a little trouble this time.
Banjos, Fiddles, Hogs and Dogs A side trip to MerleFest and a hookup with the Hogs For Dogs crew for their kickoff party. A little departure from the usual Muthuh's Rides story - I join in with tens of thousands of BlueGrass fans across the country - and the world - at the Annual MerleFest Bluegrass Festival in Wilkesboro, NC, then haul ass in the rain to join the Hogs For Dogs Kickoff Party in Burlington...followed by a slow ride home with eight bikes for a little drinkin' at The Little Bar in Apex.
Hogs for Dogs Shakedown Ride 2nd Annual Outer Banks Rally, North Carolina - An introduction to a charity I am involved in, where two friends are making a 48-state ride all summer to help in providing Assistance Dogs for the mobility impaired.
February 26 -
March 5,
The Flying Leap On the way down to Daytona this year, I stop off in Tallahassee to join in what is becoming an annual tradition for me - another Wakulla Waltz (see archives), this year on Leap Day 2/29/04... then on to Daytona.
Winter Sucks Party "Biker's Boulevard" held another Winter Sucks Party - sounds like my kinda romp.
- 2003 -
Fleet Ride The Rumble through the Tunnels - Part of Fleet Week activities, I run up to Norfolk to cover a rally for Thunder Press Magazine... and bump into Creedence Cleerwater Revisited in the Elevator.
An Uphill Grunt I wanted to turn 50 on top of a mountain... the 8 mile uphill climb to the top of Mt. LeConte was just the ticket.
Wheels Thru Time Maggie Valley, NC
...a Mad Maps Research Ride. On another research ride for Mad Maps trying to document great scenic rides for bikers, I stop in at arguably the best vintage and rare transportation museum in the country - heavy on motorcycling memorabilia.
Family Vacation Lake Burton, GA
...a bikeless trip with the kids and friends. Ahhhh - vacation time again. This year, a mindless trip to a lake in Georgia. Turned out to be the last time we saw a dear friend of ours ... one of the kids we took with us was killed in a car wreck a few weeks later -
Roost Party Join me and the Colonel, and the girls, on a ride to the foothills of the Blue Ridge and the no-to-be-missed Uncle Roy Riders Roost Party, one of three each year ( ), followed by a day of riding the Parkway and a night in Blowing Rock.
Grandpa's Ride Out to visit my first grandbaby in Denver
... but I'm still 29, of course! A 14-day ride that includes a visit with my dad in OKC and brother and daughter in Denver, with many points in-between. Map available.
Military Families Benefit Poker Ride NASCAR Busch Series Rookie of the Year Scott Riggs (Nesquik #10 Car) is ride leader. A benefit ride and Poker Run for area military families. A pair of Kings is the best I could do...sheeesh
Daytona Beach '03 A three-nighter visit to Bike Week, a Guest Ranch near Ocala and Savannah.
- 2002 -
12/5-10/02 Ice Storm '02 Not a bike ride - just some pictures of the Ice Storm - 6 days without power ... searching eBay for a Nuclear Power Plant.
11/1-3/02 Hilton Head Concours d' Elegance - Collectable Auto Show
These ain't yer Daddy's Oldsmobiles! A two nighter down in South Carolina ... one night in Murrells Inlet, my favorite alternative to Myrtle Beach, and one night in Hilton Head for the Car Show.
10/02/02 The Prodigal Son Returns A 5 day trip that included a return to my old boyhood Ohio home from 38 yrs ago... plus new friends in WV and our Annual Brunswick Stew Party in NC, KY, OH, WV, PA, MD, and VA
July 20, 2002 Up, Up and Away.... ...with the 39th Aggressor Squadron - Goofing off at 15,000 feet
in a Czech Fighter Jet
July 12-14, 2002 Blue Ridge Weekend Low-key rainy weekend ride...
gotta love 'em!
June 19-29, 2002 Family Vacation 3 days in Vegas & 8 days in / around the Grand Canyon
June 15-16, 2002 Rider's Roost Spring Fling Join me and Uncle Roy for the fun in the NC Mountains.
Rider's Roost MC Campground
May 20 - 25, 2002 Southern West By God Virginia Almost Heaven Part 2
(I'm told if it was really Heaven, I'd be in the northern part of the state!)
May 11-12, 2002 Myrtle Beach Rally Murrells Inlet Bar Hop Got my stool reserved at
BullFeathers Bar & Grill
April 26-27, 2002 Cherokee Survivors Rally? No way! An alternative to just another Rally - Hwy 276 and the Blue Ridge Pkwy.
March 7-10, 2002 Daytona Beach Alternative Ya won't find me on Main Street - I promise. This ride will center on the Ormond Loop and a tiny little bar I found.
- 2001 -
November 29 - December 2, 2001 Care to Dance? The Wakulla Waltz II.
Oct 20-24, 2001 Mountain Peaks 5 Day ride to the Mountains during Peak Fall Colors. Including the Cherahalla Skyway, Foothills Parkway, Smokey Mountains National Park, and the Blue Ridge Parkway.
August 21-25, 2001 Almost Heaven 4 Night trip to the Mountains of West Virginia. Escape the summer heat in the mountains!
July 20, 2001 Outer Banks You broke your WHAT?...or How to Ride with a Cast on your Leg!
June 14-28, 2001 Northern Exposure Bikeless Family Vacation to ALASKA Would have made an awesome bike ride!
May 26, 2001 Gimme a Brake! Heading up to D.C..... ......just - heading!
May 15-18, 2001 Myrtle Beach Bike Week Another Beach Rally......
May 4, 2001 Got Dem ol' Dead Harley Blues Half a mile away... this isn't fun! Back on the trailer...
April 29, 2001 TourPak Repair ...or How to repair a broken TourPak frame with Duct Tape. Don't try this at home!
March 15 - 18, 2001 Outer Banks Music Festival Outer Banks Winter Folk Festival on the Outer Banks - Bring on the Green Beer!
March 6-11, 2001 Daytona Bike Week '01 another damned rally......gotta stop this !
February 23-25, 2001 Vision Quest II Annual Winter Camping Trip to Hanging Rock - It ain't all that it seems to be!
February 9, 2001 Me and Huckleberry Another cold morning in Carolina..... but still good to be on the road.
- 2000 -
November 10-11, 2000 Dismal Swamp Ride A long way to go for a canoe trip in the swamps, but worth it.
Oct 21-22, 2000 Brunswick Stew Muthuh's Almost Excellent Adventure - Woulda been totally excellent if my little plan had worked!
Oct 7 - 8, 2000 Rockingham Drags One nighter to the AHDRA Bike Drags - Rockingham Dragway
Sept 29-30, 2000 Myrtle Beach Fall Rally The Myrtle Beach Fall Rally in South Carolina.
Sept 15 - 16, 2000 Rally in the Valley I-40, Asheville, Maggie Valley, Great Smokey Mountains
AND a great couple of email letters from a lady I met on the ride.
July 28 - August10, 2000 Sturgis '00 13 Night Loop Ride - 2500 miles. - Rocky Mtns, Grand Tetons, Yellowstone, Beartooth Mtns, Black Hills
July 13-15, 2000 Mountain Jam 2-night Appalacian Mountain Music Fests on the Blue Ridge Parkway - Floyd, VA and Blowing Rock, NC on the Blue Ridge Parkway
July 6, 2000 Disney Camping Originally was Central Florida Ride to the Kennedy Space Center - Lousy Weather forced a change of plans!
July 2, 2000 Panhandling Mostly a Family Reunion Trip, but includes a Day Ride on the Florida Gulf Coast in Florida's Panhandle. Wakulla Springs, Apalachicola, Panama City
May 25 - 29, 2000 Thunder on the Ridge
Run for the Wall
4 day Ride with my wife through the Mountains and the Rolling Thunder Rally. Blue Ridge Parkway, Skyline Drive, Virginia Horse Country, Vietnam Vet's Memorial
May 15 - 16, 2000 Myrtle Beach, SC Rally A short 2 day trip to the SC coast for the regional Bike Week in Myrtle. Via Wilmington, NC and the NC coast.
April 29, 2000 The Blueline Ride A 225 mile run with the renowned Sheriff of Davidson County, Gerald K. Hege, known for his pink prison cells and no-nonsense approach to justice. This ride is in support of officers disabled in the line of duty.
April 8, 2000 Rockingham Harley Drags A behind-the-scenes, in-the-pits look at a Top Fuel Harley Drag Bike at The Rock. Follow the Ray Price Racing Team on 200mph+ runs at less than 7 seconds.
March 19, 2000 Bentonville Civil War Battle Reenactment Ride A once every five years battle reenactment in NC - Damned Yankees!
March 14, 2000 Poster Photoshoot >A behind-the-scenes look at a Motorcycle Poster Photoshoot with two models. Be Warned: Lots of "R" rated Pictures.
March 1 - 6, 2000 Daytona Bike Week 6 Day Ride with my Wife to Bike Week - Visits in Charleston, SC; Savannah, GA; St. Augustines Bch, FL
February 25, 2000 Indian Dealership A day ride to the local Indian shop and Biker restaurant in Greensboro, NC - These are really nice bikes!
February 10, 2000 Day-Ride Short ride through the NC Piedmont. First ride after the 19" snowfall.
February 2, 2000 It's a girl! Muthuh's new baby arrives in the middle of a snowstorm. Just in time for Daytona Bike week....!
January 28, 2000 Photoshoot! Behind-the-scenes at a bike magazine photoshoot. A neat insight into a professional photoshoot. This one made the March '00 cover of Easyriders!
- 1999 -
December, 1999 Vision Quest 1999 2 Day Solo Camping Ride to the NC Mountains - This is a short introductory trip!
July, 1999 Hey Yogi! 3 week family camping trip. OK, so it's not on a Harley - still a fun travelogue!
May, 1999 Trail of Tears 12 day solo ride to Oklahoma City. Wanna see Muthuh's First Virtual Biker Trip? This is the story that started this Website... earlier stories have been added over the years, but this is the one that started it all. Its in a different format, but still a classic!
- 1997 -
February 1997 Winter Backpacking with Will Will and I do our first backing hike in the VA mountains in the winter snow.
- 1992 -
November 1992 Photoshoot Weekend - Rated R Me and Riding Buddy Bill combine three photoshoots into one weekend. WARNING: Naked women on Harley's inside!
- 1991 -
August 1991 Yellowstone Backpacking Hike My fourth backpacking hike into the Yellowstone/Teton wilderness, this year with three friends from work. 7 nights hiking and many hours in one of the best spots on earth - Bechler Hot Pots!
- 1987 -
November 1987 British Virgin Islands 10th Anniv Cruise Kim and I take some time off from work for our 10th Anniversary with my best man and his wife. We chartered a sailboat for the two couples and spent a week onboard in the British Virgin Islands!
- 1976 -
December, 1976 Key West 1976 Probably the oldest surviving pictures of me on a motorcycle trip to the Keys with Kim before we were married.
- Set the Wayback Machine for 1975, Sherman... -
May, 1975 Navy Boot Camp 1975 A few surviving pictures of my U.S. Navy Boot Camp Days.
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